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Black Adam is looking forward to meeting the suicides

Image Although Dwayne Johnson landed the role of Black Adam back in the fall of 2014, Warner Bros. was in no hurry to introduce the colorful antagonist into the DC cinematic universe. Initially, it was assumed that the supervillain will first appear on the screens in a film about the adventures of his nemesis Shazam, but then the WB management seriously revised their plans for the franchise and decided to postpone the on-screen debut of the Rock hero until better times.

Earlier this year, it became known that the Hollywood company is ready to launch a solo album by Black Adam, which is unlikely to hit the cinema screens before 2020. In this regard, rumors appeared on the Web that in the near future the WB bosses may try to use Johnson's hero in the plot of some other movie comic strip. According to The Wrap, the first appearance of Black Adam in the superhero franchise may take place in the sequel to Suicide Squad.

The second film about the adventures of the team of famous villains of the DC Universe recently found a director in the person of Gavin O'Connor ("The Warrior"). It was rumored that the WB bosses intend to launch the movie comics in the spring of 2018, but now insiders are inclined to believe that the start of work on "Suicide Squad 2" will be delayed until the fall so that Dwayne Johnson can fulfill contractual obligations to other studios. Reportedly, next year one of the most in-demand actors in Hollywood is already scheduled to shoot in the action adventure Jungle Cruise and the Fast and the Furious spin-off franchise.


Although the first film about Suicide Squad received devastating press reviews, it managed to earn more than $ 745 million at the box office on a production budget of $ 175 million. The success of the movie comic in the international box office allowed the WB studio to announce a series of its spin-offs. According to preliminary information, in the second part of last year's blockbuster, Amanda Waller will re-assemble a team of notorious villains to find and neutralize the mysterious weapons of mass destruction. Soon, the members of the Squad will begin to guess that this weapon is the powerful supervillain Black Adam ...


It is worth noting that to date, neither the press service of the Warner Bros. studio, nor the official representatives of Dwayne Johnson have not yet confirmed the information about the actor's participation in the work on Suicide Squad 2.

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