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”Have you been to Tahiti? ..”. Trailer of the film ”Gauguin”

Image A dubbed trailer for the film "Gauguin" , a biographical drama by Edouard Deluc, which tells the story of the journey of the most famous French post-impressionist to Polynesia, has appeared on the web. The title role in the film is played by Vincent Cassel ("Crimson Rivers", "Black Swan"), magnificent in this image.

1891. The famous artist and sculptor Paul Gauguin, fed up with urban life, leaves for Polynesia in search of inspiration and new ideas. There he expects to plunge headlong into the beauty of Tahiti and create new works that will praise the wild, free from conventions. Gauguin is poor, sick and lonely, and only his acquaintance with the beautiful islander Theura gives him the strength to live and write. Subsequently, this period in the life of the great artist will be called one of the most productive.

The last time moviegoers saw the main sex symbol of France on the big screen last year - in the action movie "Jason Bourne". At the moment, films with the participation of Kassel such as "The Film of My Life", O Grande Circo Mistico and Fleuve noir are being prepared for the post-production stage.

Dubbed trailer

Our viewers will be able to go with Gauguin to Tahiti on October 19 .

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Author: Jake Pinkman