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Super Mario Bros look forward to a second chance

Image In 1993, the full-length feature film "Super Mario Bros" failed miserably at the box office, after which Nintendo refused to sell the rights to film its games for a long time. However, last year, Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima admitted that they are finally ready to give on-screen life to popular characters, and the first in line are the Mario brothers.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Illumination Entertainment is close to closing a deal with Nintendo and intends to make an animation based on the video game Super Mario Bros. The release of the latter took place back in 1985, and its central characters were the mustachioed plumber Mario and his lanky brother Luigi, who saved the princess from the villain Bowser. And even after many years, games about Mario do not lose popularity: the recently released Super Mario Odyssey has earned many rave reviews.

It is to be hoped that the animation strip manages to avoid the problems that the 1993 film faced. Several different directors and screenwriters managed to work on it, which resulted in large-scale financial costs. The creators of the picture decided to transfer the action of the bright original to a gloomy city with the atmosphere of Blade Runner. As a result, "Super Mario Bros" earned less than half their production budget, were defeated by critics, and actor Bob Hoskins called the film the worst of his career.


Illumination Entertainment is responsible for the birth of the Despicable Me franchise and its spin-off Minions, as well as the animated films Sing and The Secret Life of Pets. If the Mario Brothers project is successful, it may open the way to the big screens and other Nintendo video games.

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Author: Jake Pinkman