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Lionsgate is considering a John Wick triquel

Image Last week, New York hosted the Comic-Con festival, which featured actor Keanu Reeves and director as part of the John Wick 2 promotion campaign Chad Stahelski . Although the sequel will only start in theaters on February 9 next year, it turns out Lionsgate is already planning a third installment of the franchise.

At the festival, Stahelski admitted that he has ideas for a triquel, and also named the names of the heroes who will appear there.

“The studio asked us to discuss possible options for the continuation. I can say that Winston played by Ian McShane, as well as the hero of Lance Reddick, will play an important role in the next part ", - said Stahelski in an interview with Collider .

As a reminder, the owner of Continental Winston and the manager of the hotel Sharon are involved in both films about John Wick .


While the triquel is in the early stages of development, nothing has been officially decided yet. The further fate of the project depends on how "John Wick 2" will show itself at the box office. Answering journalists' questions about the sequel, Stahelski noted that the second part is completely different from the first and surpasses it in technical terms.

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Author: Jake Pinkman