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Sony throws a living vampire into battle

Image The Sony film company has twice tried its luck by betting on Spider-Man. And if Sam Raimi's trilogy can be called successful, then the reboot of the franchise with Andrew Garfield in the title role frankly failed. As a result, Peter Parker moved to the Marvel camp, but Sony still owns the rights to other characters from the Spider-Man comics, which will eventually merge into a separate cinematic universe. The studio will throw Venom into battle first, followed by Silver Sable and Black Cat, and now The Hollywood Reporter reports that the hero of another solo album will be the living vampire Morbius.

According to the source, the script for the project was written by Burke Sharpless and Matt Sazama, a duo that is well acquainted with both supernatural phenomena and superheroes. In the filmography of the authors there are such films as "Dracula" in 2014, "The Last Witch Hunter", "Gods of Egypt" and the new "Power Rangers". What Sharpless and Sazama have prepared for Morbius is still unknown.

The character was first introduced in comics as Dr. Michael Morbius, a Nobel laureate who tried to treat a rare blood disease with unconventional methods. However, the scientist's experiments ended in complete failure, turning him into a vampire with all the ensuing consequences: bloodlust, fangs, fear of light. Moreover, Morbius also acquired superpowers like superhuman strength, speed and heightened senses. Morbius was one of Spider-Man's enemies, but eventually became an anti-hero. By the way, he has already appeared on the small screens in the 1994 animated series.


The dark universe of Universal Studios has proven that a connection with popular films or characters is not enough - the audience today needs at least an original and interesting story. The past merits of the scriptwriters of the new Sony project do not inspire confidence, because they were just criticized for the vague plot. Perhaps something special was prepared for Morbius Sharpless and Sazam, but viewers are unlikely to see a film about a living vampire before mid-2019.

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Author: Jake Pinkman