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Bill Clinton hits TV

Image In 2013, two films about the American president were released on the big screens with a difference of only a few months. Oddly enough, this fact did not bother the audience, and they happily spent money on watching both "The Fall of Olympus" and "The Storming of the White House." Showtime wants to return to the times when the head of state enjoyed unprecedented popularity, and for this they will shoot a series based on the book The President is Missing. The opus, which will not be published until next year, is authored by former US President Bill Clinton and one of the most successful contemporary writers James Patterson.

The novel, classified as a thriller and described as a gripping tale of power and betrayal, follows the disappearance of the current American president, revealing details that only those who worked in the Oval Office can know."The White House is an amazing world that has become even more beautiful in the book thanks to the unique experience of the former president", - said James Patterson.

Showtime was lucky enough to have Showtime secured the film rights, as Patterson and Clinton met with representatives from at least 16 companies. Showtime President David Nevins called the event a top-class victory.


James Patterson's novels have been adapted more than once for both large and small screens: viewers have already been lucky enough to see the films Kissing the Girls, And the Spider Came ..., I, Alex Cross, as well as the series Women's Investigation Club murders "and" Menagerie ". As for Bill Clinton, the collaboration with Patterson is his first work of fiction. Prior to that, the former US president wrote a number of nonfiction books.

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