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Casting: Amell and Godzilla Replenishment

Image In between filming "Arrow," Steven Amell has time to do various projects for the big screens - this time the actor is preparing a sci-fi movie Code 8 . He will not only play one of the heroes, but will also act as an executive producer of the tape along with his cousin Robbie Amell ("People of the Future"). According to the information portal The Hollywood Reporter , they will be accompanied by Sang Keng , known for his role as Khan in the Fast and Furious franchise.

Kang got the role of agent Park - the head of the special police force. The action of the new picture will unfold in a world, 4% of the population of which has supernatural powers from birth. However, instead of being superheroes or billionaires, the elect are fighting discrimination, living in poverty and breaking the law. Connor Reed ( Robbie Amell ) is trying to find funds to pay for his mother's treatment, and the only way out for him is to become part of the underworld led by Garrett ( Stephen Amell ).

The film also includes Kari Matchett, Greg Bryke and Aaron Abrams, and is directed by Jeff Chan ("Grace").


The star of Memoirs of a Geisha and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Zhang Ziyi has signed up to film the Godzilla sequel . There is no information about who exactly the Chinese woman will play in the blockbuster, but Legendary and Warner Bros. studios are building their own universe around famous monsters, and Zhang Ziyi will appear not only in the second Godzilla , but also in other projects of the franchise.

It is reported that the actress' character is a key figure in the secret scientific organization Monarch , which is engaged in tracking down giant monsters. Kyle Chandler, Vera Farmiga and Millie Bobby Brown will accompany her on the screen, and the sequel will unfold a few years after the events of the first film. The director's chair of the project will be taken by Michael Doherty (Krampus).


He continues to select actors for his new film and Robert Zemeckis - a role in the drama, so far not having an official name, received Falk Henschel ("Legends of Tomorrow"). The Universal project will be based on the documentary Marvenkol, whose protagonist, Mark Hogankamp, created a miniature version of a WWII village in the backyard to cope with trauma.

Mark will be played by Steve Carell, and Henschel will embody the image of the antagonist - Hauptsturmfuhrer Ludwig Topf , the commander of the SS detachment that terrorized the population of Belgium. In addition to Carella and Henschel , Janelle Monet, Leslie Mann and Eisa Gonzalez will take part in the filming.

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