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Wonder Woman sequel is on the way

Image After the movie comic " Wonder Woman " earned rave reviews from critics and began to demonstrate excellent endurance at the box office, it became obvious that viewers have every reason to hope for the further development of the franchise about the famous heroine of the DC universe. . Variety has learned that Warner Bros. is ready to give the green light to a sequel to one of this summer's most successful blockbusters.

The heads of the DC Films John Berg and Jeff Jones department shared some good news with the journalists of the American edition. The executive vice president of WB and creative director of DC were appointed curators of the MCU last year when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice came under heavy criticism and did not managed to meet the financial expectations of the studio.

Back in the day, Jones helped WB launch such popular telecomics as Strela, Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow and Gotham. Now he has managed to show his talent in the world of big cinema: under the strict guidance of Jeff and his partner " Wonder Woman " received the highest marks from film critics among all four films in the universe DC .

I think the main secret of success is that we were able to make a positive and optimistic blockbuster, - said Berg . -There were too many dark moments in the early MCU projects”.


Director Patty Jenkins helped the producers to change the direction of the development of the film series. Most recently, she admitted that at one time the bosses of WB signed a contract with her for only one film. The curators of the universe have made it clear that the studio is determined to continue working with Jenkins . “ Patty and I have already started filing the script for the second part of“ Wonder Woman , ”admitted Jones . -Hopefully we will be able to present the audience with another great film. We already have some awesome ideas for a sequel. ”

A new deal with WB will also have to be drawn up for the performer of the role of the princess of the Amazons. According to Hollywood insiders, Gal Gadot 's first contract with the major was for three films. Despite the fact that " Wonder Woman " has a good chance of becoming the highest-grossing film in the MCU, the Israeli actress's fee was only $ 300 thousand . She will be paid the same amount to work on the first film about the Justice League. Fans of the talent Gadot can only hope that in the future justice will really prevail and one of the main stars of the DC universe will receive a solid salary increase.


To date, Wonder Woman 's worldwide collection is already $ 578 million .

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Author: Jake Pinkman