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Battlestar Galactica's showrunner will return to space

Image This summer, Apple executives announced their desire to enter the TV content market and compete seriously with online services Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. Already in November, the young television department of the American corporation enlisted the support of Steven Spielberg in the work on a new version of the famous anthology "Amazing Stories", and now from his camp came another good news for fans of science fiction.

As the publication Entertainment Weekly managed to find out, Apple's management has begun to create an as-yet-unnamed series about space. Details of the plot of the TV project are kept in the strictest confidence. To date, we only know that the multi-part drama will present an alternative universe in which the intense space race between the USSR and the USA was not completed in the mid-70s, but only continued to gain momentum ...

The development of the project was entrusted to Ronald D. Moore, who can rightfully be called one of the main experts in the field of science fiction on modern television. In his youth, Moore dreamed of writing scripts for TV shows, but for a long time he could not find a job on TV. In 1988, he went to the set of the show "Star Trek: The Next Generation", whose creators periodically arranged excursions for tourists. Ronald managed to transfer his script to one of the assistants to the creator of the stellar saga, Gene Roddenberry. The producers liked the text of the novice author so much that they invited him to the main script group of the series.


In the 90s, Moore co-authored two more Star Trek TV series, and in 2002 he was offered to lead the reboot of the cult sci-fi drama Battlestar Galactica. The Sci-Fi project became a hit on the small screen and earned Ronald the prestigious Hugo Award. In recent years, the talented screenwriter and producer has also had a hand in drama such as The Spiral and Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams.


The intriguing Apple project will be produced by Emmy nominees Matt Wolpert and Ben Nedivi (Fargo).

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Author: Jake Pinkman