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Galactic Outcasts will go to the Moon

Image The previous attempt to leave the Earth ended in failure for Chris Miller and Phil Lord ("Macho and Nerd"). And after they were removed from directing the film about Han Solo, Hollywood wondered what the talented duo would do in the future. There were even rumors that Lord and Miller wanted to return to work on "The Flash" for Warner Bros., but it turns out that the directors will once again risk conquering space.

According to the website Deadline, Lord and Miller will take over the director's chair of the sci-fi film Artemis ("Artemis" *) - the adaptation of the novel of the same name by Andy Weir. Following the success of The Martian, the writer became a sought-after author in Hollywood. The rights to film adaptation of Weir's next work were bought back by 20th Century Fox back in May. Producers of The Martian Simon Kinberg and Aditya Sud will return to work on the tape. While Lord and Miller are looking for a scriptwriter for the project. They, of course, could have dealt with the text themselves, but at the moment the duo have obligations to Sony: the filmmakers appear to be the authors of an unnamed cartoon about Spider-Man.

In the center of the events of the literary source is an intelligent girl named Jasmine Bashara, for friends - just Jazz. She lives in a small town and dreams of a better life. But the city is called Artemis and is the first and only settlement on the moon. Jazz is mired in debt, the doorman's job barely covers the rent, and smuggling does not bring the heroine a step closer to the title of crime boss. So when Jazz has the opportunity to change her life, she agrees and finds herself in the middle of a conspiracy to gain control of the city.


The novel, combining science and suspense, hits bookstore shelves in November.

* - preliminary translation.

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