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Nolan's Screenwriter to Film a Computer Thriller

Image In 2014, Warner Bros. studio acquired the rights to a remake of the German film Who Am I, and two years later, the American version of the film had a director. According to Deadline , David S. Goyer , the screenwriter who co-authored the Batman trilogy with Christopher Nolan, has been appointed to direct the film.

The life of Benjamin Engel , an inconspicuous orphan who has been afraid of society since childhood, takes place in computers. At some point, the young man discovers computer hacking: he begins to spend time in online hacker communities and there he acquires a cyber idol with the nickname MRX . In an attempt to impress the MRX , adrenaline-driven Ben and his friends of interest break into the servers of Germany's Federal Intelligence Service . Soon a hacker from the MRX team, who turned out to be a double agent collaborating with the authorities, is found dead. Engel who ordered this murder sees MRX himself, and to get out of the water, Ben
The newly-minted helmsman is also known as the screenwriter of the films "Dark City", "Blade", "Man of Steel", "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice." The Goyer -director's portfolio currently includes four films: ZigZag, Blade: Trinity, Invisible and The Unborn.


So far nothing has been announced about the casting and the shooting schedule of the upcoming film.

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