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Box Office: Baby Groot charmed USAns

Image The USA box office is doing noticeably better this week than the previous week, which posted the worst numbers since September 2015. On the first line, as expected, “ Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. Part 2 ", earning 730.1 million rubles during the premiere weekend. And according to the latest data, the team of Peter Quill has completely obeyed the coveted billion. The adventure story about Star-Lord and his motley company was very fond of the audience, so they expressed an increased interest in the sequel. Additional holiday weekends also played into the hands of distributors, and as a result the start of the sequel turned out to be much more powerful than the debut of the original.

Three years ago, the first part of the Hollywood blockbuster from the director James Gunn brought in 461 million rubles at the start, and ended its procession through cinemas with an amount of 1.3 billion rubles . This allowed the film to take third place in the list of the highest grossing films of 2014. Only the fantasy “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies” and the fantastic action movie “Transformers: Age of Annihilation” were able to outstrip "Guardians" .


Baby Groot captivated the audience so much that he shifted the action movie "Fast and Furious 8 ", which until then held the first line of the charts for three weeks, to second place. No matter how fast the heroes of Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson drove in their cars, for the fourth weekend the collection of the eighth part of the famous franchise noticeably slowed down. The picture managed to replenish the piggy bank for 34.75 million rubles. , thereby collecting the total cash in 1.609 billion rubles . However, until the results of the seventh "Fast and the Furious", which collected in 2015 in the USA box office 1.74 billion rubles. , the next adventures of reckless racers do not yet reach.


The USA comedy " Kitchen." The last battle ". The third weekend brought the continuation of the franchise 24.96 million rubles. , which is almost three times less than it earned last week. At the moment, the tape has collected at the box office 338.6 million rubles. , so it is unlikely that she will be able to repeat the success of the first film entitled "Kitchen in Paris". In 2014, a full-length film based on the series about chefs brought distributors 501.8 million rubles .


At that time, the comedy of the TV channel STS was at the peak of its popularity, and fans happily flocked to the theaters to see a two-hour version of the standard episode, which was extremely successfully fitted in between the seasons. The second full-length film had to wait longer, and although it is positioned as a continuation of the sixth season and the end of the story of the chief Viktor Barinov , it looks more like a kind of farewell bow to the fans. Neither plot twists, nor another portion of Dmitry Nagiyev's jokes, nor the addition of new characters with family love problems could interest the audience as much as last time.


The Chinese-American animated comedy " Rock Dog " has jumped to the fourth line. The cartoon about a dog dreaming to conquer the city of animals and become a student of a living rock legend, a cat named Angus , earned 23.91 million rubles in the second week of shows. In the previous seven days, the film was released on large screens as part of the preliminary release, but now the number of screenings has almost doubled, which brought a total of 45.18 million rubles to the film's treasury.


Another USA film, this time animated, " Urfin Deuce and his Wooden Soldiers ", by the third week ends the procession at the mark of 189.5 million rubles . Over the past weekend, the tale of an evil and insidious carpenter and his army managed to get from the audience 15.48 million rubles . The result of the new creation of the St. Petersburg studio "Mill" is noticeably worse than that of their last project - the cartoon "Three Heroes and the Sea Tsar" released at the very beginning of the year. During the third week of rental, which fell on the long New Year holidays, he managed to earn 220.3 million rubles , but the whole picture brought the company 802.4 million rubles .

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