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The Weinstein brothers are ready to repeat the success of ”Chicago”

Image Fifteen years ago, Bob and Harvey Weinsteins showed tremendous flair when they decided to support Rob Marshall's Chicago. The musical not only earned nearly seven times its $ 45 million budget, but also won six Oscars , including a statuette for Best Film of the Year.

According to The Hollywood Reporter , famous producers are preparing a film adaptation of yet another popular musical, which may well repeat the fate of " Chicago ". In competition with other Hollywood studios, The Weinstein Company snatched the film rights to Lin-Manuel Miranda's Broadway show In the Heights .

Miranda created the first version of the play during his student years. The production of the musical on the stage of Wesleyan University was so successful that the actor and composer were invited to try their hand at a professional level. Nine years later, the show made it to Broadway, where it was destined to be a hit. In 2008, the musical won four Tony and one Grammy Awards.


The main character of the story was the owner of a small New York grocery store, named Yusnavi after the ship with the inscription US Navy. All his life he dreamed that fate would give him a chance to return to the Dominican Republic, which his parents left when he was a child. Once a lucky lottery ticket fell into his hands, thanks to which he could finally move to his historical homeland. However, soon the protagonist begins to understand that Washington Heights has long become his real home ...

The original adaptation of the musical for the big screen was held by Universal . The famous director and choreographer Kenny Ortega planned to stage the production, but at the last moment the major refused to allocate $ 37 million for shooting. Now the project has passed into the hands of the brothers Weinstein , who plan to reduce the budget to $ 15 million , but are ready to involve the author of the original in the creation of the film. Insiders have not yet announced whether it is only about the production functions, or Miranda intends to return to the image of Yusnavi .


Since the new Miranda musical, Hamilton , has won a record 16 nominations for the Tony Theater Award, the talented musician has no shortage of proposals from Hollywood bosses. He recently wrote a song for a scene at the castle Maz Kanata in the seventh episode of Star Wars, and his immediate plans remain a role in the Disney blockbuster Mary Poppins.

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Author: Jake Pinkman