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Daniel Radcliffe Will Jailbreak

Image The middle of May turned out to be more than ever rich in good news for fans of Daniel Radcliffe . At the end of last week, we reported that the 27-year-old Briton signed up for the lead role in the action comedy Guns Akimbo, and today another new project of the actor became known. According to The Hollywood Reporter , Radcliffe has accepted an invitation from The Works International to lead the cast of the action-packed thriller Escape from Pretoria ".

The plot of the film will be based on the autobiographical novel of the same name by Tim Jenkin . In 1978, a South African writer and activist was arrested for creating and distributing leaflets in support of the illegal political organization African National Congress , which called for the end of the apartheid regime. Jenkin received a 12-year prison sentence and was sent to a maximum security penal colony in Pretoria.

Already at the end of 1979, Tim and two other victims of political repression managed to carry out a risky escape plan. The prison authorities forced the inmates to work in a carpentry workshop, which gave Jenkin and his friends the chance to make wooden keys for their cell doors. Through trial and error, the captives were able to find the right shape for the keys, but they soon found out that there were nine more doors on their way to freedom. At night, Tim got out of his cell and carefully studied the keyholes, and during the day he tried to secretly create another wooden master key.


It took him about a year to find the keys to all ten doors. Jenkin and his friends fled on December 11, 1979. Tim made it to London safely and became an employee of the International Fund for the Defense and Assistance of South Africa .

The post of the director of the film about the escape from a South African prison went to the Briton Francis Annan, who previously worked mainly in the world of short films. The thriller is expected to begin filming early next year in South Africa.


Escape from Pretoria will be produced by Jackie Sheppard (Big Adventures in Africa) and David Barron, who already knows Radcliffe from the Harry Potter films.

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