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Spider-Man's enemies are awake

Image When custody of Peter Parker was the sole concern of Sony , the major had big plans for the Sinister Six . The films of the series "The Amazing Spider-Man" were supposed to smoothly lead to the emergence of a team of supervillains, but later the bosses of Sony decided not to hesitate and invited Drew Goddard to direct the blockbuster "Sinister Six". However, after the failure of High Voltage, the company's plans began to collapse before our eyes. The result is known to all fans of cinema comics - now Spidey is entering the cinematic universe of Marvel and very soon will receive his own solo album.

However, Sony intends to build an entire universe around the allies and opponents of Spider-Man . So far, there have been news about only two planned spin-offs - "Venom" has already got Tom Hardy for the lead role and got a premiere date, and the director has been found for the fighting friends of Parker . From the conversation of journalists The Hollywood Reporter with the head of Sony Tom Rothman it became known that their own projects will receive two more antagonists who were part of the Sinister Six , - Mysterio and Craven the Hunter .

Craven the Hunter is a classic comic book villain. He pursued Spiderman and sought to defeat him in order to prove that he is the greatest hunter in the world. Mysterio , in turn, was supposed to become the main antagonist of the fourth "Spider-Man" from Sam Raimi, but the project was never realized. Mysterio is a magician, hypnotist and robotics technician, whose ability to create illusions makes him a very dangerous foe.


This approach involves gradually introducing viewers to the members of the Sinister Six and consistently building a new franchise. Her connection with the blockbusters Marvel is still in question. Recently, producer Amy Pascal sent Venom into the Marvel universe, thus causing bewilderment of the head of the company Kevin Feige. However, the source says that Sony will still try to get Tom Holland to participate in several spin-offs.

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Author: Jake Pinkman