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Spawn will finally return to the big screens

Image For years, Todd McFarlane , the artist and creator of the comic book character Spawn , has been trying to bring his hero back to the big screens. And now, 20 years after the release of the first film adaptation, his dream acquired a real chance of being realized.

According to the information portal Deadline , at the Comic-Con McFarlane festival currently taking place in San Diego, he confirmed the news about the reboot of the film, which he had previously published on social networks. He also announced that he will take up the case in cooperation with Jason Bloom's company Blumhouse Productions . The new painting will receive an R rating.

The first movie about Spawn starring Michael Jay White was released by New Line in 1997 and grossed $ 87.7 million at budget of $ 40 million . In the center of the plot -CIA agent Al Simmons , who was killed by his own boss, after which the hero goes to hell, since he was responsible for the death of several innocent people. To see his wife one last time, he makes a deal with the demon Melbolgia . As a result, Simmons turns into a demonic immortal being Hellspawn and is sent back to Earth.


McFarlane has written an initial draft of the script, and is also about to take the director's chair for the project, which will be his debut in the field. He became a superstar in the comic book world and one of the first millionaire artists in the 1980s through his work on the Spider-Man story and his involvement in the creation of Venom. Later, McFarlane co-founded Image Comics and in 1992 invented his occult anti-hero Spawn .


For Blumhouse , the first half of 2017 was fantastic. Their projects "Split" and "Away" earned in the world box office $ 529 million with a total budget of $ 13.5 million . So it can be expected that the future film McFarlane will not cost them that much. Actually, as planned by Todd himself, noting at the beginning of last year that the budget for the painting"will not exceed reasonable limits".

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Author: Jake Pinkman