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James Franco will join the writers

Image Just a couple of weeks ago, we reported that James Franco was ready to work with 20th Century Fox on a superhero film, and the actor himself later confirmed this information. However, Franco always has several new projects in stock, and now it will be possible to rank among them the biopic of the writer Shel Silversteen.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Franco is set to star in a biographical drama co-written by Chris Schafer and Paul Wikneir (Before We Part). Moreover, the actor also intends to lead the shooting of the future film.

Shel Silversteen is a famous American writer, whose fame was brought by children's books. "Generous tree", "Where the sidewalk ends", "One and a half giraffe" - on the account of the author there are many popular works sold worldwide in the amount of more than 20 million copies. However, Silversteen was a versatile person. He loved travel, women and believed in creative unions. He drew cartoons for Playboy magazine, wrote scripts for films, wrote songs, and literary experts put him on a par with Edward Lear and Roald Dahl.


It is not yet clear when Franco will start working on the biopic. Now James is busy promoting the Woe Creator, which has already won him a Gotham Film Award.

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Author: Jake Pinkman