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Netflix dreams of catching Bonnie and Clyde

Image Shortly before Paul Newman's death in 2008, he and Robert Redford were working on the film A Walk in the Woods. As a result, Redford realized his plans, but already together with Nick Nolte. However, the idea of another joint project of the two actors remained gathering dust on the shelf. This is a crime drama Highwaymen (" Rogues ").

In 2013, information appeared that the main contenders for the main roles in the film were Woody Harrelson and Liam Neeson. The latter eventually refused to participate in the filming, but now the film seems to be returning from oblivion. As the site Deadline reports, the online service Netflix intends to revive the project, and Kevin Costner may become Harrelson 's company. br />
The only problem is that the rights to the project are owned by the studio Universal , but the leadership of Netflix has already begun negotiations with the major. The director of the film is John Lee Hancock ("Saving Mr. Banks"), he also wrote the last version of the script.


The film tells the story of the legendary lawyers Frank Heimer and Manny Gault - Texas Rangers who hunted for Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow , the notorious Depression robbers. By the time the criminal couple went down the crooked path, Haymer and Gault had already retired. However, the bank owners persuaded them to lead a squad to capture Bonnie and Clyde . If negotiations with the actors are successful, Costner will play Heimer , and Harrelson will embody the image of Manny Gault .


Costner will appear on the big screens only next year in the drama "Molly's Game", and Harrelson will delight moviegoers in the summer with his appearance in the movie "War of the Planet of the Apes".

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