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The search for Captain Marvel is nearing completion

Image One of the most anticipated films of Phase III of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is rightfully considered " Captain Marvel ". Among the contenders for the title role in the blockbuster were named Emily Blunt, Rebecca Ferguson, Katherine Winnick, Jessica Chastain, Yvonne Strahovski, Katie Sackhoff, Charlize Theron and many other Hollywood stars.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter , Brie Larson is now considered the new favorite in the fight for the role of superheroine Carol Danvers . Some insiders even claim that the studio's management has already offered the Oscar-winning actress to sign her contract to participate in the project.

Larson 's career is developing at the fastest pace. Bree loudly announced herself three years ago - then critics were delighted with her performance in the independent film Short Term 12. In February of this year, her role in the drama "Room" earned Larson Best Actress at the 88th Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Awards. The 26-year-old American also has experience of filming in high-budget projects: at the moment, the $ 190 -millionth blockbuster King Kong: Skull Island is in post-production.


The studio also continues to actively search for a film comics director. According to the new information, Nicky Caro (North Country) and Jennifer Kent (Babadook ").

Insiders do not rule out that the team " Captain Marvel " may be presented to the public as early as next month at the Comic-Con festival in San Diego. Since the Marvel Cinematic Universe did not receive representation at its annual comic and film convention last year, studio bosses may try to make amends for their fans with flamboyant presentations from a range of Phase 3 projects.


The USA premiere of Captain Marvel is scheduled for March 7, 2019 .

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Author: Jake Pinkman