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Their roads diverge

Image No matter how Vin Diesel tries to resolve the situation around the ninth "Fast and the Furious", the conflict between actors Tyrese Gibson and Dwayne Johnson is gaining momentum. Moreover, it is the performer of the role of Roman Pierce who continues to heat up the situation, while the Scala prefers to spend time with greater benefit, acting in other films.

Recall that at the beginning of last month, Universal studio officially confirmed that not the ninth Fast and the Furious, but a spin-off of the franchise, the protagonists of which will be Hobbs and Deckard Show, will go first to the screens. The news sparked outrage on the part of Gibson, who called Dwayne Johnson selfish and accused his colleague of putting another sequel in jeopardy because of his ambitions. Subsequently, Vin Diesel tried to soften the situation and even made a statement that the director of the four "Fast and the Furious" Justin Lin is returning to the family, as well as Jordana Brewster, who plays Dominic's sister Mia.

Now Gibson made another thrust towards the Rock. Tyrese said he would leave Fast and Furious if Johnson starred in the ninth film. Roman Pierce is a popular character among fans of the franchise, and it is he who often finds himself in the epicenter of comic situations. Although Roman appeared in the series before Hobbs, Dwayne Johnson still has more influence on producers than his colleague Gibson.


Such statements on the part of Gibson can only be a bad PR move, and the final word rests with Universal. However, now the roads of the stars of "Fast and the Furious" threaten to disperse not only in the movies, but also in real life.

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Author: Jake Pinkman