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Anne Hathaway wants to try on a Barbie outfit

Image Studio Sony has been working on a feature-length film about the Barbie doll for quite some time, but it constantly faces obstacles on its way to the screen. At the end of last year, it was announced that Amy Schumer would try on the image of the main character of the tape, but a few months later, the actress refused to participate in the filming due to her employment in other projects.

Since Sony has set a premiere date for the film on June 29 next year, the major has not stopped looking for a director and actress for the lead role. More recently, producer Amy Pascal hinted to reporters that the Barbie dress will be tried on by the Oscar winner, and now The Tracking Board portal reports that negotiations with the studio hosted by Anne Hathaway . There is also information about a potential director of the project - the shooting may be led by Alethea Jones ("Life of Gortimer Gibbon on Normal Street").

The doll, created by Mattel in 1959, has become more than just a recognizable brand over the decades. So far, there is very little information about the plot of the film. When the role of Barbie was assigned to Sumer , it was assumed that the action of the tape will unfold in an imaginary Barbiland, where everything is perfect. The main character does not fit into the standards of this world and goes to the real world. It is here that she begins to understand that being different from the rest is a virtue, not a disadvantage. Earlier it was reported that the producers want to make a film about Barbie in the style of "Enchanted".


Anne Hathaway is still in talks with the studio, and the actress's shooting schedule may become a stumbling block in them. Anne recently completed filming for the Ocean's Eleven spin-off, and is currently busy on the Serenity set. Also in the plans of Hathaway there are three more films - the comedy "Dirty Scammers", the thriller The Lifeboat and the drama Live Fast Die Hot.

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Author: Jake Pinkman