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Thor conquered the US box office

Image November in the North American box office started very well, and all thanks to the released triquel "Tora", which already at the start managed to surprise many. However, the last weekend did not reach the results of the same weekend last year. The fact is that at that time "Doctor Strange" had a strong support group ("Trolls" and "For reasons of conscience"), and his neighbors did not help Thor much.

Ragnarok opened in theaters at $ 121 million, surpassing even the most optimistic forecasts. According to this indicator, Taiki Waititi's film is in seventh place among all Marvel blockbusters, and the cinematic universe itself can boast of having grossed more than $ 5 billion at home and more than $ 13 billion globally.

The third part improved the "Kingdom of Darkness" indicator by $ 35 million, and if it goes on like this, then the creators of the picture can count on about $ 330 million in the North American box office. However, given the good reviews from critics and viewers, Waititi's creation can earn even more. Moviegoers gave Ragnarok a top A, and critics are in full praise, calling the triquel the funnest movie in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. Reviewers wonder how Taika Waititi managed to maintain his inherent sense of humor, given the level of responsibility entrusted to him. Finally, the almighty god got the opportunity to be funny, and Chris Hemsworth is great at laughing at himself. It's not worth talking about the quality of the action - it, as always, is on top,

Ragnarok continues the great tradition of other Marvel Comics. The second "Guardians of the Galaxy" bypassed the first part by 55%, "Confrontation" improved the performance of "The Other War" by 89%, which indicates the success of the Marvel strategy in general. According to Kevin Feige, their attitude is that each new film must be better than the last. Preparations for "Ragnarok" began three years ago, when the names of the first writers of the triquel and the date of its release were announced. The Marvel management did not force things, and even postponed the premiere of the blockbuster if necessary.

Not only American audiences appreciated Ragnarok, but also film fans from other countries, in some of which the film debuted a week ago. After such a short time, the third "Thor" already has an impressive financial reserve of $ 427 million (including household fees).


The comedy "Very Bad Moms 2" was supposed to support the Marvel blockbuster last weekend, but if the first part pleasantly surprised the audience last summer, the second part has not yet been noted for anything outstanding. The weekend ended for the sequel with a result of $ 17 million. Since the film, contrary to established traditions, hit the screens on Wednesday, and not on Friday, she has $ 21.6 million on her account. However, even in five days, "Very Bad Moms 2" did not make it before the debut of the original ($ 23.8 million). The start of the sequel, by the way, is comparable to that shown by the comedy "New Year's Corporate", the scriptwriters of which shot the new STX film.

Critics of the sequel to "Bad Moms" were not happy. The first part was a breath of fresh air, but the second took a kind of step back, becoming a standard comedy. Yes, it is unassuming and sometimes surprising, but a good idea and acting talent of the main trinity is overshadowed by a crude script, which repeats what the audience saw earlier, with only minor amendments.


Third place last weekend went to the eighth "Saw", which added $ 6.7 million to its piggy bank. Now the next sequel to the franchise has $ 28.8 million, which is a very good result with a budget of $ 10 million. Outside the United States, the horror film by Peter and Michael Spirigov grossed a little more - $ 30.7 million. However, it has already become clear that the popularity of the film series about Constructor has declined, and the eighth part is unable to attract new viewers. The new film will rather disappoint long-time fans of "Saw", and most reviewers agreed that the return of Constructor many years later was due not to creative ambitions, but to a cynical desire to make more money on a well-known brand.

Old Madea last weekend enriched herself by another $ 4.7 million, thanks to which Tyler Perry's film can boast of $ 43 million earned in three weeks.This, of course, is not enough for the creators to start calculating the profit from the $ 25 million project, but the hopes of critics, perhaps , will come true, and cinemas will do without Madea on Easter holidays.


Closes the top 5 disaster film "Geostorm", which raised an additional $ 3 million. Needless to say, Gerard Butler can no longer attract the audience to cinemas by his name alone, if the project with his participation is not of high quality. The modern epic, filmed for $ 120 million, recaptured only one sixth in the North American box office, but overseas viewers save him from complete failure, having given $ 153.6 million to Dean Devlin's tapes.

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