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US Boxing Office: Xenomorphs Take Over the Galaxy

Image Last weekend ( May 19-21 ), a serious dispute broke out over leadership in the North American box office. While the second "Guardians of the Galaxy" was not going to give up the palm without a fight, opened in cinemas " Alien: Covenant " tried not to lose face and meet the hopes of the creators.

The sequel to "Prometheus" eventually managed to take the top line of the top 5, but the film Ridley Scott , alas, cannot boast of impressive achievements. Alien: Covenant finished its first week at the box office with $ 36 million . Various publications predicted the blockbuster start from $ 40-45 million , but, as we can see, these figures were overestimated. This result can be called disappointing, since "Prometheus" at one time started with $ 51 million . It is worth noting that Covenant has a more modest budget than its predecessor ( $ 97 million versus $ 130 million ), and most of the fees "Prometheus" still received from outside the United States. However, its sequel for a foreign audience so far does not have much to count - in two weeks in a foreign box office, the blockbuster has mastered $ 81.9 million . At this rate, it may not reach the mark of $ 400 million set by Prometheus .


At the same time, "Covenant" has earned a lot of flattering reviews from critics, although cinema goers are ready to argue with them - they gave the film Scott an average rating of B . The tension and action in the film is quite consistent with what the modern public expects from a blockbuster of this scale. Ridley Scott , even after so many years since the release of the original "Alien", has managed to keep the franchise afloat. However, critics noted that although Covenant expands the universe, it still does not have enough potential to attract new viewers and, most likely, will only appeal to fans of the film series.


Guardians of the Galaxy lost less than a million to the xenomorphs - the blockbuster James Gunn added $ 35.1 million to its piggy bank, thanks to which the box office box office box office has already exceeded $ 300 million . In other countries, Star-Lord and his team managed to earn $ 430.8 million .

On the third line of the top 5 was the film, which pleasantly surprised both distributors and journalists. Until the start of the weekend, few had hoped that the teenage melodrama "This World " would rise so high. In addition, the painting Stella Megie grossed a decent $ 12 million on its first weekend despite the fact that its budget was only $ 10 million .


The film adaptation of Nikola Yun's book earned the audience a high rating A- , but critics did not agree with them. The film, aimed primarily at teenage girls, is certainly charming in its own way thanks to its acting and emotional component, but the dialogues and some plot lines of the film turned out to be too unconvincing.


The comedy " Her Daughter and Her Mother " dropped to fourth place, sagging by 61% in a week. An additional $ 7.6 million went to the tape's piggy bank, but the fees it has ( $ 32.8 million ) is still not enough to at least equal the budget in $ 42 million . At the same time, the film does not have to rely on foreign viewers - outside the United States, it has collected a modest $ 7.2 million all the time.

The loser of the past week was the fourth film in the series "Diary of a Wimp". The Wimpy's Diary: The Long Road started at $ 7.2 million , but 20th Century Fox was probably looking forward to more. The B rating from moviegoers does not inspire optimism among distributors either, although they hope that the film can grab some of the audience's attention next weekend.


Like any other franchise, Diary of a Wimp suffers from self-replication. All jokes and events seem familiar, and only ardent fans of the film series can appreciate the fourth part. Director David Bowers , who has directed the previous two films, knows perfectly well how to create chaos on the screen, but all the satire inherent in the literary source has remained on the printed pages, giving way to flatter humor designed for the mass audience.

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