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Bond 25 is looking for a director

Image Recently the date of the premiere of the new film about James Bond has become known, and EON Productions continues to actively prepare to work on the 25th part of the franchise. Since the release of SPECTRA, the film series has been overgrown with many rumors: journalists and fans of Agent 007 were betting on who could replace Daniel Craig and trying to guess who the studio would entrust the blockbuster to. Deadline has managed to get a shortlist of candidates for the director's position.

Previously, journalists believed that Guy Ritchie, Edgar Wright or even Christopher Nolan could replace Sam Mendes, but they were not included in the list of applicants. According to the source, EON management is currently considering candidates for Denis Villeneuve , Jan Demange and David Mackenzie .

Villeneuve is perhaps the most famous of all potential directors. Its demand in Hollywood has grown exponentially after the thriller "The Killer" and the sci-fi drama "Arrival" were released, and in the fall, the filmmaker will delight moviegoers with the sequel to "Blade Runner".


In the filmography of David Mackenzie , you can find the Western "At Any Cost", which received four nominations for the Oscars , as well as the films "Bell to Bell" and "Last Love on Earth. ". Not so long ago, the director's name was mentioned in the press in connection with the remake of "Scarface" after David Eyre refused to work on it.

Demange made a big name for himself with the thriller "71", after which he was invited to lead the shooting of White Boy Rick starring Matthew McConaughey. And if most journalists agree that the ideal choice would be Villeneuve , which is able to equally pay attention to action, heroes and plot, then some sources write that it is Demange is a priority for EON bosses. This is also due to the fact that Villeneuve planned to make his next project a new version of "Dunes" .


Daniel Craig is expected to return to the role of Agent 007 , and Bond producers won't have to find a replacement. The script for " Bond 25 is being handled by Robert Wade and Neil Purvis, but EON has not yet decided on the owner of the franchise distribution rights.

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Author: Jake Pinkman