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Brian Singer is interested in Mystic solo album

Image Two years ago, the curator of the X-Men franchise, Simon Kinberg, said that he wants to see not only the solo albums of Deadpool and Gambit , but also Mystic ... The trip of the first to the cinemas ended quite successfully, "Gambit" has been postponed for the time being. Studio 20th Century Fox has launched two more spin-offs of the universe - "X-Force" and "New Mutants". There was no more information about a separate film for the heroine Jennifer Lawrence, and the actress herself changed her views several times regarding her further participation in the film series.

The director of "Apocalypse" Brian Singer , along with Simon Kienberg took part in the podcast Empire , where journalists asked him about the fate of the solo album Mystic . Singer did not elaborate on the potential project, but expressed interest in working on it:“People were constantly asking if I would ever make a movie about Mystic . I think this is a great idea, as Jennifer Lawrence is the perfect candidate for a spin-off. ”.


Lawrence herself said a year ago that she was ready to say goodbye to Mystic after the release of "Apocalypse" , and in March she admitted to reporters that she had changed her point vision and would like to return to the image of a mutant in future films about X-Men .

There is no exact information yet on how the universe will continue to develop. Simon Kinberg hinted in one of the interviews that the action of the next part could unfold in the 90s. True, now the planned tape has neither the start date of filming, nor the day of the premiere.

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