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William Friedkin returns to the world of demonic possession

Image What happens if the director of the legendary film "The Exorcist" returns to the topic of exorcism? The answer to this question can be found in William Friedkin's new documentary " The Devil and Father Amorth " presented at the Venice Film Festival . The tape shows the father of Gabriel Amort , the chief exorcist of the Vatican, conducting his ritual of driving out the devil from an Italian woman. Fridkin himself was at that moment in the exorcism room and admitted that she left an unpleasant aftertaste and a feeling of fear. “I was scared of what might happen, as if I felt all the pain and suffering of that unfortunate woman, which undoubtedly affected the work, - recalls the director, who was the only one from the crew allowed to witness the process.
The topic of exorcism was repeatedly touched upon in documentaries, but William Friedkin approached his work with all seriousness, after consulting with American experts, who came to the conclusion that they had never seen anything like it. “I talked with neurologists and neurosurgeons - the best in their field. They had not the slightest idea of what could have happened to the woman, only the assumption that all this was happening in her head,- recalls the director. -Psychiatrists have explained what term they have given to what used to be called demonic possession is dissociative personality disorder. And now if a patient comes to them and says that he is possessed by someone, he is given the necessary psychiatric treatment, including medication. Sometimes you have to turn to exorcism”.

The chance to see the director return to the world of demonic possession promises to make the documentary one of the most talked about projects this fall.

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Author: Jake Pinkman