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Suicides pumped out the USAn box office

Image The much-anticipated and highly publicized Suicide Squad comic strip has finally made its way to the screens. First of all, he quarreled critics and audiences, especially those who enroll themselves in the team of fans of graphic novels DC . Secondly, the film adaptation baffled the curators of the new screen universe of this publishing house, since they clearly did not expect such a deafening failure of the film, which was intended to form the style and concept of the development of their world. On the other hand, the producers have nothing to complain about - the scandal around the adventures of the team of inveterate villains only fueled public interest. Suicides are leading in the world box office, and their debut in USA is no exception.

Domestic distributors should still pray for the " Detachment " - for the first time since the end of May, the box office showed a tremendous financial leap, and last weekend itself ( August 4-8 ) became the sixth the largest profit since the beginning of the year. The twenty best films earned 916 million rubles. , and 84% of this amount is accounted for by the fantastic action movie David Eyre . So, " Suicide Squad ", led by the never-missed Deadshot and the sickly Harley Quinn , showed itself most brilliantly at the premiere. The bad guys even managed to set a box office record for the first day in the entire history of USA rental. Nevertheless, the triumphant start was slightly overshadowed by a slight decline in further demand for tape. Maybe,

All this led to the fact that the frostbitten special detachment Amanda Waller with earned 762 million rubles . managed to bypass the starting result of the good guys - Batman and Superman ( 519 million rubles ). But they were never able to overshadow the success of another non-standard film comic strip - Deadpool ( 964 million rubles. ). And yet there is no doubt: in the near future, the motley group of antagonists will conquer the billion dollar milestone, and by the end of the year they will be in the top grossing releases of 2016.

ImageThe financial viability of the blockbuster was practically not shaken by the mass of negativity, which if not slapped then definitely hurt the artistic value of the film. Still, a project with such an important mission as strengthening the whole cinematic universe and bringing it to a new level does not have the right to serious shortcomings, of which there were plenty of " Suicides ". However, within the framework of this column, we are interested in the factors that led the picture under consideration to leadership, and the reason for this is not only bright, dynamic promotional videos. " Suicide Squad " has a powerful cast, poisonous humor, the elaboration of some characters (while fatally ignoring others), excitement, vigorous soundtracks and, most importantly, the groundwork for a good continuation, taking into account careful work on mistakes. In the meantime, he pulls only for the title of a passing summer blockbuster.

But let's get back to calculating profit. Needless to say, the enchanting appearance of the inveterate villains painfully hit the positions of the leaders of the last week. The new generation of ghost hunters cannot even be called competitors - they could only get close to the mark of 44 million rubles . The box office of the triquela, where the main roles were played by women, now looks shameful - only 277 million rubles. credited to the account of the fantastic action movie Paul Fig . However, loyal fans of Ivan Reitman's original dilogy, offended both by the remake itself and by the defiant behavior of its creators, who tried to shield their mediocre brainchild, are probably rubbing their hands and rejoicing at the triumphant justice.


Modern " Ghostbusters " really turned out to be ridiculous, full of low-grade humor, flouting the laws of this thoughtful world and arrogantly referring to several generations who grew up on the 1984 tape. But even this could be forgiven, citing the desire of the team of the updated " Hunters " to create something fresh. However, the team itself does not care about their own film, given its weak script, annoying heroines, lack of sensible direction and the authors' hypocritical attempts to hide behind the ideas of feminism. In short, now the hunters led by Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig are doing even worse than the team of losers from the Pixels. They managed to get 368 million rubles. in the post-Soviet space, even despite the bad fame of Adam Sandler.

ImageThe third place is occupied by the cartoon " Glacial period: Collision is inevitable ". Despite being the worst part of the kid-loved franchise, it continues to make money. Another seven days at the box office brought the film Mike Termeier and Galen T. Chu RUB 38.5 million , increasing the total box office to 940 RUB million . As we predicted last time, the project will continue to collect small amounts, which will eventually lead to a billion. For this, the cartoon needs one last spurt. And at the moment, he has already undeservedly bypassed the Kung Fu Panda triquel ( 834 million rubles. ).
The fantastic action movie " Star Trek: Infinity " and the horror movie " And the lights go out ... " took the fourth and fifth places in the financial standings with a minimal gap. The first is unlikely to greatly please its authors with collections - the next week on the screens of our country turned out to be 14 million rubles for him, and in total he earned 393 million rubles . These numbers bring to mind the comments of the bosses of the studio Paramount , who at the stage of pre-production stated that they would like to make the film series more profitable. Therefore, the scenario of the third part of the reboot was simplified, and the action became more diverse. But, unfortunately, the trend is such that the main profit is taken by the adaptations of graphic novels, even if they are unsuccessful.


When it comes to horror, the creators can be absolutely satisfied. The tape David F. Sandberg has withstood the strongest competition for the third week, although this time its profit growth is very modest - 10.5 million rubles. And nevertheless, 18 days on the screens poured out for her in 235 million rubles. , which is very good for such a low-budget film. Apparently, the studio New Line understood all the prospects of the project, since it has already launched its sequel into development.

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Author: Jake Pinkman