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The Stringer team will conquer the art world

Image Before Stringer, Dan Gilroy was known as the writer of Living Steel and The Bourne Evolution, but Gilroy's directorial debut made Hollywood producers pay attention to the newly minted director. Stringer not only earned critical praise, but also earned $ 50.3 million at the box office on a modest budget of $ 8.5 million . Now the film team is ready for a new joint project, which has no name yet.

According to the portal Deadline , the online service Netflix has acquired the rights to distribute the movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal, which will be directed by Gilroy . The project was first discussed a week ago, and even then it attracted the attention of major film market players.

Together with Gyllenhaal , his colleague in Stringer Rene Russo will also appear in the new film. While the plot of the film is kept secret, it is only known that its action will unfold in the art world. It is also reported that this mysterious project will be strikingly different from Stringer and the drama Roman Israel, Esq. - another painting by Gilroy , which will be released next year.


Jake Gyllenhaal already has experience working with Netflix - he played one of the roles in the fantastic film "Okja", which was presented in the Main Competition of the Cannes Film Festival . The actor will also appear in the drama Stronger in the fall, and Rene Russo will appear in the action comedy Villa Capri.

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Author: Jake Pinkman