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Shailene Woodley Fight the Elements

Image Icelandic director Baltasar Kormakur is ready to tell the audience a new story about the confrontation between man and nature. According to The Tracking Board , the director of "The Abyss" and "Everest" intends to take on work on the drama " By the Will of the Waves " * ( Adrift ) .

The script by Moana authors Aaron and Jordan Candell will be based on real events that took place in 1983 in the waters of the Pacific Ocean. The main character of the film will be an American Tami Oldham Ashcraft , who together with her fiance Richard Sharp undertook to ferry the yacht Hazana from Tahiti to San Diego. Two weeks after the start of their journey, the lovers began to receive alarming news that a hurricane of the fourth category was approaching their ship.

Tami and Richard were experienced yachtsmen, but they could not oppose anything to the natural elements. During a powerful storm, the girl received a serious head injury and lost a lot of blood. Ashcraft woke up only 27 hours later, when the sea had already calmed down. As a result of the disaster, the yacht was left without a mast, and the engine and radio became unusable.


However, the worst thing for Tami was that her lover disappeared during the storm. The pain of loss almost made Ashcraft give up, but in the end she still made the decision to fight for her life with the last bit of strength. She managed to build a homemade sail and steer the ship towards the Hawaiian Islands. As a result, Tami had to drift in the ocean without food, water or navigation devices for a long forty days.

Tami will be portrayed by Shailene Woodley . After the future of the Divergent film series was in doubt, the actress began to actively look for new interesting projects. It was recently revealed that Shailene is also eyeing a starring role in the sci-fi action movie Hummingbird .


The biographical drama about resilience of character Ashcraft has yet to receive funding, but with Cormacour and Woodley on board, it will surely be able to find support from the major film companies. The director and writers are expected to present their project to the Hollywood bosses in the coming days.

* - preliminary translation.

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