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Fuqua, Verhoeven and Bychkova: watch this week

Image In the upcoming rental week, the real film fan will have a place to roam: our distributors have prepared 11 new products for domestic viewers at once. Starting from September 22 , desperate heroes of the western The Magnificent Seven , a merciless USA horror movie, a powerful new work by Paul Verhoeven, a kind film about Peter and much more will be waiting for you on the big screens.

The Magnificent Seven by Antoine Fuqua is a remake of the 1960s western with Yule Brynner, for whom this tape became his finest hour. The plot of the new version of "Sevens" is similar to the original: poor peasants suffer from the illegal actions of local industrialists, and therefore ask for help from notorious bandits who are ready to do anything for money. However, as they protect the disadvantaged, thugs begin to realize that they are actually fighting for something more.

The Magnificent Seven
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The main roles in the project Fukua were played by Vincent D'Onofrio, Denzel Washington, Ethan Hawke, Chris Pratt and others. American critics greeted the remake rather controversially. Some christened it"classic fun shooter", while others considered it devoid of any charm and too boring for a Western film.

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Meanwhile, the Hollywood legend, master of provocative mainstream cinema Paul Verhoeven enters the scene. His thriller "She" is a story about how a woman raped in her own house, instead of reporting the intruder to the police, starts looking for him herself. What for? You will get the answer to these questions only by watching a movie that fully justifies your R rating. Essentially, "She" is a dark exploration of the darkest recesses of the female soul, backed by Verkhoven's trademark immersion in areas of human existence that many other filmmakers diligently ignore.

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Now let's defuse the situation a little and pay attention to the more optimistic novelty of the week. Cartoon "Storks" will present to your children an alternative version of the functionality of these birds. Now storks do not bring chubby babies, as it was from time immemorial, but parcels. But one day the system crashes, and the feathered manager Junior will have to remember the craft of his ancestors and attach a charming baby to someone, until the bosses notice that their employee is busy with his own business. Judging by the trailer, this animated comedy may well brighten up the leisure of a child from six years old, and his parent may appreciate jokes about the shackles of corporate culture.


If you are surfing the Internet for days and in dire need of advice,"how to attract the attention of a girl who ignores you", appreciate Pavel Ruminov's comedy horror "Dislike" . Although what does the girl have to do with it, it will become clear only after watching. In the meantime, a group of modern teenagers find themselves in a closed room to play a bloody game with a sick psychopath. Some of them will clearly not survive, some are injured, but the remaining poor fellows, as usual, will make a radical reassessment of values and live a completely different, real life.

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But, perhaps, the real life is still not the teenagers Ruminov , but the heroes of the military drama "Cruiser" based on real events, with Nicolas Cage as a courageous captain of the ship USS Indianapolis . In the summer of 1945, over a thousand people embark on a dangerous mission to crash on their way back and fight for life without any support from the authorities. The captain knew that this mission was pure suicide, but he still said his signature"Full speed ahead!", because he was a patriot.


If this summer you did not have a chance to visit St. Petersburg, there is a great chance to admire its views and get to know its colorful inhabitants by going to a screening of the film-almanac Petersburg. Only for love " . Like one of Oksana Bychkova's early works, the lyrical comedy Peter FM, this movie is imbued with the spirit of sincere love for the city of eternal rains, wet roofs, yellow facades and beautiful bridges - each with its own character and history. In the extensive cast of the tape, Renata Litvinova and Mikhail Boyarsky appear in an unusual way, and if after watching the tape you do not run for a ticket to St. Petersburg, then you will definitely have a desire to shake off the dust from Brodsky's volume.

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Another newcomer to the rental will surely delight the fans of the inimitable Jessica Lange and Shirley MacLaine, as well as the story of how to spend the jackpot that suddenly fell on you. The main characters mistakenly receive a check for 5 million and, ignoring the cries of a revolting conscience, go into the lead. They buy chic dresses in leopard colors, have fun, make new promising acquaintances and do not want to think about when the hour of reckoning will come. But it will inevitably come ...

Artificial Intelligence. Unlimited access "
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Crime drama “Artificial intelligence. Unlimited access ” , despite its promising name, will focus not on human relations and modern technologies, but on human relations in general. Modern technologies will act only as a background for the story about the inventor of the smart home, who was trapped by his own genius because of a talented IT specialist who surpasses the main character in his ability to subjugate technology. The dramatic thriller starring Pierce Brosnan was greeted by reviewers calmly, almost indifferently. According to early critics, Brosnan occasionally betrayed a typical Bond, and the topic of technophobia is extremely poorly covered.


And finally, we will mention three modest novelties, which stand apart from the more promising films in terms of profit. The touching sarcastic "Dachshund" by Todd Solondza is clearly designed for connoisseurs of unconventional auteur cinema. The documentary "Running is freedom" should be regarded as a good motivator for buying running shoes, but the film "Ball" , also documentary, is more suitable for those who prefer fashionable shows.

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