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Liam Neeson will no longer rescue hostages

Image Last year, the third and so far the last part of the " Hostage " franchise was released. The action movie was a success at the box office, but neither the critics nor the audience liked it. And since producers in recent years more often focus on financial rather than quality indicators, journalists asked themselves how likely it is to see the fourth Hostage .

The star of the Liam Neeson franchise, invited to The Late Show as part of the Monster's Voice promo campaign, answered host Stephen Colber's questions regarding the fate of The Hostage . From the words of the actor, it became clear that there is not the slightest chance that the fourth film in the series with Neeson in the lead role will appear in theaters:“No, no chance. How many times can your daughter be taken hostage? One or two. Actually, if we made another film, it would have turned out something like “Could you please kidnap my daughter?”.


Jokes aside, Neeson is right in many ways. Even the first Hostage hit with audiences received mixed reviews from critics. The tape followed a very simple formula, and in the second and third parts everything was repeated again.

However, the franchise itself will not end with the third film - NBC is preparing a prequel in the format of a television series, which will tell about how Brian Mills started working for the CIA . Luc Besson will be one of the executive producers and screenwriters of the show. If the audience likes the new drama, it is quite possible that the fourth part will be filmed with actor Clive Standen, who plays the main role in the prequel.


To date, all three Hostages have grossed about $ 1 billion at the worldwide box office with rather modest budgets by modern standards.

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Author: Jake Pinkman