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Bond Film Director Finds Ali Baba's Treasure

Image A Thousand and One Nights fairy tales are popular in Hollywood. While Guy Ritchie is filming his own version of Aladdin, another famous filmmaker plans to recreate the alluring atmosphere of the East on the screens. According to the portal Deadline , Martin Campbell , known to moviegoers for several parts of the Bond film, will lead work on the film titled Treasure of Ali Baba & The 40 Thieves ( The Treasure of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves *).

The script for the new project was written by Dave Holstein ("I'm Dying of Laughter").According to the plot, the author of adventure novels is drawn into a conspiracy of a world scale and becomes a participant in the hunt for a mysterious relic, after learning that his father had a map leading to the legendary treasure of Ali Baba . The protagonist is forced to enlist the support of an ingenious cartographer in order to find the artifacts before they reach the Forty Thieves - an ancient organization that has turned into an international crime syndicate uniting high-ranking officials.

Campbell has two films about Agent 007 (Golden Eye and Casino Royale), and in 2011 he directed Green Lantern for Warner Bros. The comic strip flopped at the box office, and after that Campbell decided to take a break from large-scale films. His latest project, the thriller "Foreigner" with Jackie Chan, will be presented to the audience at the end of this month.


Talking to reporters about the new project, Campbell was enthusiastic and even called the film his own "Indiana Jones." However, before starting filming, the director still has to work on the adaptation of Ernest Hemingway's novel "Beyond the River, in the Shade of Trees." The tale of Ali Bab will be produced by Ehud Bleiberg (The Curse of the Sleeping Beauty), Danny Dimbort (The Wolf of Wall Street), Nicholas Donnermeyer (Battle of the Damned) and Robert C. McLean ( "The Man with the Pistol").

* - preliminary translation.

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