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The Ice Man's Secret

Image The German company Port Au Prince and the Italian studio Echo Film will join forces to work on the tape " Revenge: The Story of the Iceman " about the life of a Chalcolithic man. His remains were discovered in the Otztal Alps in 1991. The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Felix Randau (North Star) will be directing the drama.

In 1997, the mummy received the name Ice Man from the authorities of the Austrian Tyrol, however, another nickname is also used in everyday life - Oetzi . It is believed that the remains belong to a man who lived around 3300 BC. Oetzi to this day remains the oldest mummy found in Europe.

Over the past quarter of a century, the remains have been subjected to extensive scrutiny several times. Initially it was assumed that Ice Man died in the mountains due to a blizzard, but then scientists were able to establish a different cause of his death. An analysis of the wounds on the body showed that an inhabitant of the Copper Age could die from severe blood loss. It is possible that before his death, Oetzi had to defend against the superior forces of the opponent.


Randau intends to write the script for the film himself. Since the biography of Otzi contains many dark spots, there is a place in the plot of the picture for both proven facts and fiction. The image of Ice Man will be portrayed by Jurgen Vogel ("Experiment 2: The Wave"), and Suzanne Vuest ("Germany 09") got the main female role. Such stars of European cinema as Franco Nero, Andre Hennicke, Sabine Tambrea and Axel Stein will also take part in the creation of the film.


In addition to the feature film Randau , the German company Headtrip intends to create a virtual reality tape that will help immerse viewers in the atmosphere of the Chalcolithic era.

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