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Studio 8 will deal with drug trafficking

Image The Hollywood film company Studio 8 has decided to immerse viewers in the dangerous world of the international drug trade. According to The Hollywood Reporter , Jeffrey Robinoff's studio has acquired the film rights to Patrick Hoffman Every Man a Menace , which will go on sale in October this year. ...

The plot will revolve around the largest ecstasy cargo in the history of San Francisco, which will generate interest from several criminal groups at once. Literary critics note that the story contains elements of "Traffic" and "Assassins", black humor in the spirit of the works of the Coen brothers and unexpected moves in the style of "Suspicious Persons.

Hoffman worked as a private detective for several years, after which he decided to use his rich knowledge of the underworld as a writer. His debut novel, The White Van , was recognized by the experts of the authoritative edition of the Wall Street Journal as one of the best detective novels of 2014, and also nominated for the prestigious literary award of the Association Crime Writers - " Ian Fleming's Steel Dagger ".


Tanya Segachan will take over as producer, whose track record includes a series of Harry Potter films.

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