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Image After Captain Fantastic earned Viggo Mortensen nominations for three major awards in the world of cinema - Oscars , Golden Globes and BAFTA , the director of the film Matt Ross drew attention of Hollywood producers. According to The Hollywood Reporter , Tri-Star has invited the director to lead the filming of the crime thriller Tomorrow and Tomorrow - the adaptation of the novel of the same name by Thomas Sveterlich.

The book is set in the near future, when a mysterious explosion razed Pittsburgh to the ground. Ten years have passed since the tragedy, and the city was recreated in virtual reality - the so-called Archive , which allows everyone to visit significant places and see their dead friends again. As the world moves forward, John Dominic Blackston lives in the past. In that tragedy, he lost his wife and child and is now helping to close the cases of the victims. Once the main character discovers the victim of a crime - a beautiful girl, abandoned in a dirty park. It differs from all the others in that someone tried to erase the data about it from the Archive . And since John has nothing to lose, he decides to get to the bottom of the truth, plunging headlong into his worst nightmare ...

“The work of Thomas Sveterlich looks to the future and shows a world that is not too different from today's reality. The world to which we are all heading, and where technology has fundamentally changed the way people communicate and what surrounds them,- said Matt Ross in his statement. -Together with the main character, I want to understand the degree of influence on our life of technologies that have already become an integral part of human existence ".


It is noteworthy that Captain Fantastic is only the second feature film directed by Ross . Prior to that, he presented the dramedy "28 Bedrooms" to the public, but for the most part Matt is still known as an actor who played in the series "Revolution", "Dream City" and "American Horror Story".

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