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Aaron Sorkin is 55!

Image Today marks the 55th anniversary of the Oscar award winner and one of the most famous and talented contemporary screenwriters.

If among directors the title of King of Dialogue was assigned to Quentin Tarantino, then among screenwriters this title should definitely be held by Aaron Sorkin . Confused, fast, harsh, caustic phrases with which his characters are thrown, always attract the attention of the audience. Actually, the famous "You can't master the truth!", said by the hero of Jack Nicholson in the movie "A Few Good Guys" constantly falls into the lists of the best quotes from the cinema.

The figure of Aaron Sorkin is a vivid example of how a person, through long searches and hard work, can achieve success in his field. Since childhood, he was fond of drama, like many in the film business, dreamed of becoming an actor, but later realized that the creation of stories brings him the greatest pleasure. The screenwriter began his career in theater: “ A Few Good Guys ” was created exactly as a theatrical production, which was immediately bought out by the producers and filmed.


In the 90s, which became the time of his rise for Sorkin , he not only wrote his own scripts, but also edited others. This is the essence of the work of a script doctor - a person who strengthens, processes, improves the already finished story and characters. As a screenwriter, Sorkin even worked on the famous Schindler's List.

From the very beginning of his career, Aaron has established himself as a person who is well versed in the laws of drama, as well as an adherent of the rules in creativity. He states: "All the rules are in Poetics" Aristotle . It was written almost three thousand years ago, but I know for sure: if you have problems with the script, then you most likely broke one of the rules of Aristotle . "

The real fame came to Aaron while working on the series "Sports Night" ( Sports Night ) and "The West Wing" ( The West Wing ). The latter became the best TV series in 2001 according to the " Golden Globes ". Back at Golden Globes , Sorkin was nominated for 2008 for Charlie Wilson's War.


If you look at the filmography of Sorkin , you can clearly see that all of his stories are stories in the typically American genre of “people at work”. USA screenwriter Alexander Molchanov describes the workflow of Aaron as follows: “On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I play the fool. On Thursday I start yelling at the people around me because I have no thoughts about another show. On Friday, I yell, "Oh my God, I have half an hour until the appointment" - and quickly do everything. " Obviously, Sorkin knows perfectly well what an emergency is. It's understandable why his characters raise their voices so often.

But the main thing is that Aaron , like his characters, really love their work. And it is far from clumsy exposure: all personal qualities of the characters, even negative ones, carry such power that they make the viewer fall in love with these imperfect people.

The last major works of Sorkin on the big screen are just about such "unpleasant geniuses". The collaboration with David Fincher on The Social Network earned Aaron the “ Oscar ” and introduced the young Mark Zuckerberg to the audience. And the corridor dialogues from last year's Steve Jobs showed what happened to the founder of Apple before the most important presentations in his life.


According to Sorkin himself to the magazine " Esquire ", the ideal life for him looks like this: “I slip ready-made scripts under the hotel room door, and in exchange they bring me food< / i>".

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Author: Jake Pinkman