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Hayao Miyazaki to talk about the difficulties of adolescence

Image In September 2013, a multi-million army of film lovers was shocked by the news of the retirement of the legendary Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki. Fortunately for fans of the most important of the arts, in November last year, the Oscar winner changed his anger to mercy and announced his desire to return to the world of big cinema. It was rumored that the 76-year-old animation master was planning to create a full-length version of his short film Boro Caterpillar, but Miyazaki ended up choosing to take on a completely new project.

At a gala evening marking the opening of the Natsume Soseki Memorial Museum at Waseda University, Miyazaki admitted that he is working on the tape "How are you?" Hayao's new cartoon will be named after Kenzaburo Yoshino's book of the same name about a 15-year-old boy named Koperu, who suffered a variety of problems after moving to a new area. Roman Yesino entered bookstores in the Land of the Rising Sun in 1937 and became a national bestseller.

I can only say that Yoshino's work will play a key role in the life of the main character of my new film,, Miyazaki said. -It will take me three or four years to work on this project.


According to producer Toshio Suzuki, "How are you?" may well become Miyazaki's most touching tape. “Hayao decided to make a film for his grandson,” said a close friend of the animation genius in a conversation with TV show hosts Nichiyo Bijutsukan. -This is his way of saying: "Grandpa is preparing to leave for another world, but he leaves behind this picture"".


During his long and fruitful career, Miyazaki has won more than seven dozen prestigious awards, including two Academy Awards. In 2003, his "Spirited Away" was recognized as the best animated film at the 75th ceremony of the main film awards in the world, and in 2014 American academics awarded the Japanese with a gold statuette for his contribution to the industry.

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