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James Gunn: ”I know what the third Guardians of the Galaxy will be about”

Image On April 27, Moscow hosted a press conference dedicated to the film Guardians of the Galaxy. Part 2 " . The event was attended by the film director James Gunn and actors Michael Rooker and Pom Klementieff .

Despite the fact that world-class filmmakers were under the sights and cameras, the atmosphere at the press conference was close to home. It all started with a discussion of humor, which is abundant in the film. Pom Klementieff admitted that even at the stage of reading the script, it was very difficult for her not to laugh. When Michael Rooker was asked whose jokes he liked best, his own or those made by Dave Batista's character Drax , the actor with a surprised face asked:“ Are there any jokes in the film? ”. Then he admitted that he just loved Drax . Rucker was echoed by James Gunn , convincing everyone in the audience that Drax the Destroyer is exactly the role for which Batista was born .<

Considering the very successful selection of the soundtrack for both parts of the franchise, the question of the choice of music simply could not but sound. Gunn responded that he has about five hundred songs on his home computer that potentially suit the atmosphere of " Guardians ". When he is working on a script, he already knows what composition will sound and at what moment. Moreover, during the filming process, everyone on the set is aware of the rhythm of which song this or that scene will be edited. The director assured that this approach greatly facilitates the work.

When the director expressed his admiration for Moscow, the guests of the event did not hesitate to ask if any of the respondents had been to the capital before. Gunn and Rucker answered negatively, but Clementieff 's response amused the audience a lot. The actress said that she did not remember this, but then clarified that she could change trains in Moscow during flights. The fact is that the girl also has USA roots. Gann immediately joked that if you divide Clementieff into four equal parts, one of them will be 100% USA. However, as soon as Rucker was about to ask what this would be, Gunn nobly took the conversation in a different direction.


When it came to the third part of the film series, the director, who had already announced that he would return to work on it as a screenwriter and director, refused to share his ideas with a sly smile, but confirmed that he knew what he would be shooting about. He promised that the heroes will definitely stay where they are - they will continue to grow and develop further to look even more like ordinary people with their positive traits and shortcomings. The director also added that Mantis , the heroine of Pom Klementieff , will become a full-fledged member of the Guardians of the Galaxy team. When the filmmaker was asked which Guardian he would make a separate film about, he replied that he would prefer to tell a combined story, for example, about Rocket and Groot b>, Mantis and Drax or Peter and Gamoru . But immediately after these words, he expressed regret that he had a lot of plans, and very little time.

The press conference ended very soulfully - each of the overseas guests uttered the phrase"Guardians of the Galaxy"in USA, provoking a real ovation from those present.

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Author: Jake Pinkman