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Simba will conquer the big screens again

Image Since its release, the new Jungle Book has grossed an impressive $ 965.4 million , so it's no surprise that Disney is looking to work with director John Favreau again . According to the site The Hollywood Reporter , the filmmaker will shoot a new version of the cult cartoon "The Lion King ". At the same time, Favreau intends to use the same technologies as when creating The Jungle Book .

The Lion King will consolidate the success of Disney in reimagining the classics for the modern viewer, started by Maleficent, Cinderella and The Jungle Book ,- noted the leadership of the House of Mouse in their statement. -Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson is already one of the most anticipated films next year. In the new The Lion King we intend to use songs from the original cartoon.


"The Lion King" , we recall, tells the story of the young Simba , after the murder of his father, exiled from his native kingdom. Growing up, Simba returns to reclaim his rightful throne. The animation film earned $ 968.8 million worldwide and won two Oscars . Also, the cartoon formed the basis of the theatrical production, which was successfully shown on Broadway over the years.

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Author: Jake Pinkman