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Everything is calm in Baghdad

Image The Chinese studio Talent International Film Cultural Company is ready to fulfill the dream of moviegoers and arrange the long-awaited on-screen meeting of the two stars of the action genre. According to The Hollywood Reporter , the Beijing-based company is starting work on the action movie Ex-Baghdad , starring Jackie Chan and Sylvester Stallone .

The legends of American and Asian cinema could have starred together for the first time in the sequel to "The Expendables", but then Jackie was not satisfied with the option with a modest cameo. Two years later, Sly once again invited his old friend to join the all-star team of action heroes in the third installment of the franchise, but Chan was disappointed with the quality of the film's script.

It seemed that Sylvester and Jackie had finally come to an agreement and were ready to join forces on the fourth film about a group of elite mercenaries. However, early last month, the shocking news came from Hollywood that Stallone was leaving the film series due to a conflict with the management of Nu Image / Millennium Films .


As soon as Sly left the team of the The Expendables , fate finally gave him the opportunity to film alongside Jackie . In the feed, Ex-Baghdad Stallone and Chan will portray former military personnel who will have to transport a group of civilians to the safe Green Zone of Baghdad along the infamous Highway 80 , which has earned the name " Death Highway " in the press.

As reported, the management of Talent International is ready to spend on the shooting of the film $ 80 million . The invitation to take the director's chair of the action movie was received by Scott Waugh , whose track record includes the military drama Law of Valor and the racing action game Need for Speed: Need for Speed.


Esmond Ren ("Armor of God 3: Mission Zodiac") and Jackie Chan will be producing.

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Author: Jake Pinkman