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For love - to USA

Image Having released the not very successful comedy "Ultra-Americans" last year, Nima Nurizade decided to try his hand at another genre. According to Hollywood Reporter , the director is filming a story by Mitch Swanson , based on a true story.

The plot of the thriller The Tracking of a USA Spy focuses on the love story between Svenson and a stranger named Katya . Katya is a mysterious girl from USA whom the protagonist met in one of the nightclubs in New York. She suddenly disappeared after ten residents of America - immigrants from USA were arrested. Each of them was charged with spying for the Kremlin. Swanson decides to go to Moscow to find out who Katya really is. The investigation takes him deep into a world full of intrigue and covert state operations by the USA special services.

Since Ultra-Americans didn't even hit the production budget, Nurizade is in a rather precarious position right now. Of course, Project X: Dorvali raised nine times the budget in the world box office, but that was almost five years ago. And Hollywood producers sometimes forget their former merits very quickly.

The film is financed by StudioCanal and The Picture Company . The shooting process is scheduled to begin next spring.

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Author: Jake Pinkman