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Leo to Jokers!

Image The talk of the Joker in Hollywood hasn't subsided over the past few weeks. First, Warner Bros. announced its intention to make a film about the origin of the villain, not related to the DC cinematic universe. Then the major stunned the moviegoers with the news that soon there will probably be two Jokers on the screens at once: one from the above solo album, and the second performed by Jared Leto, which should appear at least in three blockbusters from the studio.

A surprise for many was the fact that Martin Scorsese may be among the producers of a solo album about Joker . Why would a legendary director, who had previously shot auteur films, suddenly want to work on a large-scale franchise, which he avoided throughout his career? And why did the WB management choose a renowned filmmaker with his own vision of the end result and a desire for complete control?

Insiders believe that the answer lies in the Joker itself. With the help of Scorsese , the WB management wants to realize an ambitious plan to bring Leonardo DiCaprio into the world of movie comics. The Major intends to create a banner for projects about characters from graphic novels that will exist separately from the general universe, and such talents as Scorsese and DiCaprio could bring blockbusters DCto a new level, which Christopher Nolan already managed to do.

DiCaprio and Scorsese managed to work on five joint projects, two of which, "The Aviator" and "The Wolf of Wall Street", brought Leo nominations for Oscar . However, the same insiders argue that the deal with Scorsese has not yet been concluded, and so far the chances of getting DiCaprio for WB may be close to zero. But already one aspiration suggests that the studio is seriously thinking about the future of its film comics.


The appearance on the big screens of the second Joker confused not only moviegoers, but also Jared Leto . In addition, rumors have been circulating in the press for some time that Ben Affleck may be left without the role of Batman . The actor, however, denies this information, while Matt Reeves continues to prepare a new solo album The Dark Knight . Time will tell whether the film will enter the general DC universe or, like the movie about The Joker , has nothing to do with it. Now viewers can only be sure that they will see Justice League in November, and Aquaman next winter.

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Author: Jake Pinkman