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Ridley Scott will find the lost Soviet submarine

Image Sir Ridley Scott intends to add a political thriller about one of the most interesting covert operations of the CIA to his impressive production filmography. According to the publication The Tracking Board , the British company Scott Free Films will join forces with the London studio New Sparta Films to work on the tape “ Not we can neither confirm nor deny "* ( Neither Confirm Nor Deny ).

The film tells viewers about the operation to raise the Soviet submarine K-129 , which under mysterious circumstances sank in the waters of the Pacific Ocean in March 1968. In August of the same year, she was discovered near the island of Oahu by the American submarine Halibat . President Richard Nixon gave the go-ahead for the rise of K-129 , but decided to keep the operation a secret from the Soviet authorities. The US Department of Defense and the Central Intelligence Agency had to develop a top-secret Azorian project, which cost the US government nearly $ 800 million.

To work at a depth of about five thousand meters, the military needed a special ship-lifting ship. The CIA struck a secret deal with the famous businessman and movie mogul Howard Hughes, who ordered the vessel " Glomar Explorer " on his own behalf and announced to the world that he was going to conduct exploration work on the offshore.


" Glomar Explorer " arrived at the scene of the death of K-129 in the summer of 1974. The Americans managed to lift only the bow of the submarine on board the ship. The bodies of all the found Soviet sailors were buried with honors at sea.

The name of the operation became public only in 2010. During the Cold War, CIA representatives refused to answer journalists' questions about the mysterious mission near Oahu, which made their standard excuse “We can neither confirm nor deny” it became customary to call it a “glomar response.”


The plot of the biographical drama will be based on the novel by David Sharp " The Greatest Secret Mission in CIA History ". As reported, the management of the film companies Scott Free and New Sparta have already started looking for a scriptwriter for the project.

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