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Casting: Dench - in a fairy tale, Sham Jr. - in prison

Image The boss of James Bond, aka Judy Dench, got an as-yet-unnamed role in the film based on the novels about Artemis Fowle. Reported by Variety.

The book cycle by Owen Colfer is about a prodigy boy from a criminal family. He is sure that there are magical creatures in the world: trolls, elves, pixies and others, and wants to use them for his own purposes. The film will be directed by Kenneth Branagh, director of 2015 Cinderella and the first Thor.

Meanwhile, Sylvester Stallone is recruiting the cast of his next film. Although the sequel to the rather successful Escape Plan has yet to be released, Sly has already recruited Losers star Harry Scham Jr. into the triquel.


In the big movie, Harry also managed to try himself: he had a role in the film "Step Up: The Streets" and its sequel "Step Up 3D". He currently plays in the TV series Shadowhunters. According to Deadline, the Escape Plan triquel will tell about the kidnapping of the daughter of a Hong Kong scientist. While investigating this case, Stallone's character stumbles upon the son of his longtime enemy. The bad guy kidnaps Sly's woman and hides her in a prison called Devil's Station. In the film, in addition to the main star of the franchise and Sham Jr., Tyler John Olson and Sergio Risutto will definitely appear.


Enlarged the cast and biopic about bodybuilders called Bigger. Aneirin Barnard, who was recently seen at Dunkirk, will play Ben Weider, the eldest of two brothers who founded the International Bodybuilding Federation and the Mr. Olympia competition. Also, according to Deadline, Kevin Duran will be reincarnated as the publisher of Bill Hawke's magazine, one of the antagonists. Prior to that, the actor starred in the TV series "The Strain" and the movie "X-Men: The Beginning." Wolverine.


The story of the Wyder brothers' journey to success will be directed by George Gallo, who directed The Vicious Circle and wrote the screenplay for all the Bad Boys, including those that have not yet come out.

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