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Will Wonder Woman bring joy and a smile?

Image Many fans of Wonder Woman are worried if their favorite warrior will take on the same pessimistic tone in a future summer release that she saw in her first movie, the blockbuster Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The production crew of Wonder Women told Variety that the superhero's first trip to the big screen will be very different in atmosphere from previous DC comics.

As all fans of the genre know, many of the works and heroes of the DC universe are gloomy and bleak. The work of Zach Snyder, Christopher Nolan and other directors attracted the audience with general pessimism and dark colors. To a certain extent, the atmosphere of immersion in the darkness of the underworld and sinful human nature has become the hallmark of DC projects.


However, Deborah Snyder, producer of Batman v Superman , Suicide Squad, and now Wonder Women , shared the opinion that every author of the film contributes to it that something different, so there is no question of any unified spirit of the films of the DC universe. And there is no pressure on director Patty Jenkins. Jenkins herself admits that while working on Wonder Woman she was inspired by Richard Donner's Superman, which was not dark at all.

In turn, the president of DC Entertainment Diana Nelson said that neither DC nor WB has such a task - to create purely pessimistic films and did not have.“Our fans are well aware that there are characters like Batman , immersed in darkness, and there are characters like Wonder Woman , who carry some kind of light hope and optimism. And the very tone of the story in the picture, of course, will convey the bright character of her heroine ", - said Nelson .


Over the 75 years of its existence, Wonder Woman has become a symbol of the increased power and influence of women in the struggle for freedom and gender equality for many. At the same time, she is distinguished from many of her comic book counterparts by more humane methods of struggle. This superheroine fights not for pleasure and adrenaline, but for her values, and in her reserve of magical means there is the Lasso of Truth, with which she, without any cruelty, can force the enemy to tell the truth and only the truth.

Wonder Woman performed by the beauty Gal Gadot has already appeared in a small episode of " Batman v Superman ", and the upcoming summer release will be her first full-length solo album. On TV, this heroine was glorified by Lynda Carter - in the TV series of the 70s.

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