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Amy Pascal sent Venom into the Marvel Universe

Image Although the joint custody deal for Spider-Man was closed by Marvel and Sony back in February 2015, comic book fans are still arriving in the dark regarding the terms of its validity. Earlier this year, actor Tom Holland let slip that his contract is for six films at once. The first of these was last year's blockbuster Captain America: Civil War. Two more projects of the cinematic universe Marvel with the participation of Spiderman promise to be two parts of " Infinity War ". Marvel and Sony are also planning to create a trilogy about Peter Parker .

To the surprise of moviegoers, in March of this year, the producer of the Amy Pascal franchise hinted that Sony could regain full rights to Spider-Man already in 2019 year. In this case, the third solo album by Peter Parker could be filmed without the support of Marvel . This spring, Sony began building a new cinematic universe featuring the famed enemies and allies of the young New York superhero. First, the film about Venom went into work, and then the studio gave the green light to the film about the adventures of the fighting friends of Spiderman .

Just a few days ago, the president of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige made it clear that the aforementioned Sony projects would have nothing to do with his company's cinematic universe. However, in a new video interview with FilmStarts Amy Pascal , right in front of the head of Marvel , she gave completely opposite information.


These films will exist in the same universe as the Peter Parker films, Pascal said. -Their action may take place in other locations, but we are talking about the same world. All these tapes will be linked together. I would not rule out the likelihood that Sony will involve Peter Parker in the plots of Sony . ”

Judging by the expression on Feige's face, the words Pascal were no less a shock to him than to the interviewer. The president of Marvel Studios managed to show miracles of composure and abandon the idea of arranging debriefing in front of the journalists of FilmStarts .


There is a possibility that Pascal was just wishful thinking. At one time, Amy served as chairman of the board of Sony Pictures Entertainment , but was fired after the famous hacker attack on the servers of a Hollywood major. Nevertheless, Pascal managed to retain the position of producer of the film series about Spider-Man . Perhaps she was simply not informed about the details of the contract between Sony and Marvel .

It should also not be ruled out that Sony really intends to take back control of Spider-Man very soon. If so, the first films of her new superhero franchise could set the stage for Peter Parker to emerge. However, they are unlikely to be associated with the MCU Marvel . Feige is used to controlling every stage of creating superhero blockbusters, and Sony has already managed to independently find a performer for the role of Venom . The alien symbiote tape is also targeting an adult audience, and Marvel has not yet risked giving the green light to films rated R .


Fans of conspiracy theories may also see in Pascal's actions an attempt to force Feige to include the new Sony movie comics in the Marvel universe. It is possible that Kevin had long-term plans for Peter Parker . If there is a loophole in the Hollywood studio agreement that allows Sony to regain full control of the superhero within two years, Feige may be forced to renegotiate the contract. In this case, the deal on joint custody of Spiderman will be extended, but Marvel will have to accept his many enemies and allies into their universe.

Finally, there is a possibility that the studios decided to amicably merge their film series, and the surprise on Feige's face was due to the fact that he expected to keep this information secret. Fans of comics can only hope that the official representatives of Sony and Marvel will comment on information about the possible merger of their superhero universes in the near future.

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Author: Jake Pinkman