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The Return of the Professional

Image The brilliant music of Ennio Morricone, the brilliant performance of Jean-Paul Belmondo and the talented direction of Georges Lautner helped the film "Professional" to present the audience with one of the brightest final scenes in the history of world cinema. The 1981 French thriller, which was wildly popular in our country, was based on the novel by the Englishman Patrick Alexander " Death of a wounded animal with thin skin ". According to Deadline , a new adaptation of this literary work is currently being prepared in Europe.

The work on the feed, tentatively titled "Thin Skinned Animal" ( Thin Skinned Animal ), is being conducted by the French company StudioCanal and the British studio Working Title , who invited director's chair of the Argentinean Pablo Trapero .

The action-packed thriller will be the first English-language film in the career of Trapero . Pablo made his debut feature film The World of a Crane Operator, which won him two awards in 1999 at the 56th Venice Film Festival . To date, Trapero has more than three dozen prestigious film awards. The Argentine Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has submitted his films three times for the Oscars , but none of them has been shortlisted for the Best film in a foreign language ”.


The script for " The Thin-Skinned Beast " was written by Englishman John Brownlow, who earned a lot of flattering reviews for his work on the miniseries Fleming: The Man Who Wanted to Be Bond ( Fleming ). The main character of the book Alexander was the spy Richard Abbott , who was tasked with eliminating the African dictator Njalu . Right in the midst of a dangerous mission, the land of the bloody tyrant suddenly becomes an important strategic partner of England. Command leaves Abbott unsupported, and as a result he is captured by the people of Njala . Only the belief that one day fate will give him a chance to get even with the offenders and complete his task to the end helps him survive the torture of cruel jailers ...


StudioCanal and Working Title hope Trapero will be able to start filming this year.

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