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Mads Mikkelsen will get lost in the Arctic

Image Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen continues to conquer Hollywood. Last year, the Cannes Film Festival award winner and Hannibal star was featured in Disney blockbusters such as Doctor Strange and Rogue One. Star Wars: Stories ". The next project of the actor, according to the portal Deadline , will be a survival thriller Arctic , where Mikkelsen will play the main role.

The filming process will be directed by a young Brazilian director Joe Penna , known as the author of several short films and the owner of a channel on YouTube called MysteryGuitarMan , which has almost three million subscribers.

Mikkelsen has to embody on the screen the image of a man stuck in the snows of the Arctic, to whom the long-awaited salvation is about to come. However, by a tragic coincidence, this does not happen, and the hero has to decide whether to stay in the relative safety of the camp or set off on an unknown path for the sake of the illusory hope of salvation.


There is no exact information about the release date of the film, but it is known that the shooting of the film has already begun.

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Author: Jake Pinkman