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The Killing Game of Lies

Image Hollywood's passion for the work of the writer Ruth Weir knows no bounds. Back in 2015, the New Line studio announced its desire to film the book "In the Dark-Dark Forest", enlisting the support of Reese Witherspoon, and then CBS Films took on the adaptation of "Girl from Cabin # 10". As the portal Deadline found out, now another Weir novel will be transferred to the screens: Entertainment One and The Gotham Group will shoot a series based on The Lying Game, which was released in print this summer.

On a cool June morning, a woman from the idyllic seaside town of Salten goes for a walk with her dog. Before she could stop her pet, he pulled out of the water something that at first glance resembles a stick, but in reality the find turned out to be terrifying ... The next day, three women living in the London area receive a message that they would never dream of seeing: their fourth friend Kate asks for help. They had once studied together at Salten's second-rate gymnasium and were inseparable. The girls became famous for their game of lies: they lied to everyone, from other students to teachers, trying to get out of the water. Among the many rules, there was one unbreakable: you can't lie to each other. One day the game ended tragically

Ellen Goldsmith-Wayne (Maze Runner), Jeremy Bell (Escape Plan) and Lindsay Williams (Come With Me) are executive producers of the new project. According to Pancho Mansfield, President of eOne, The Game of Lies is an action-packed thriller with a fast-paced storyline and gradually increasing tension.

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