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The Addams Family Will Be Cracked Up

Image Since the first appearance of the Addams in pop culture, almost every generation has managed to get acquainted with the different compositions of this strange American family. And now it was the turn of the modern viewer to see how Gomez, Morticia, their children and other inhabitants of the ominous house live.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, MGM has recruited Conrad Vernon (Total Rumbo) to lead the Addams Family animation, which has been in development since 2013. The script was written by Pamela Pettler (Corpse Bride, Monster House), and the text was edited by Matt Lieberman.

For the first time, the strange family appeared on the pages of The New Yorker in stories with pictures by Charles Addams. Then none of the heroes had a name, but in 1964 they got their own television show. So Gomez and Morticia were officially born, their children Wednesday and Pugsley. Also in the Addams house lived Uncle Fester, Grandmother, cousin Itt, butler Larch and a hand named Thing. The series delighted viewers with a satirical and gloomy look at the life of an American family for several years. It is noteworthy that in the same years another project with a similar theme, "A Family of Monsters", was released on the CBS channel.


In the 70s, the Addams returned to TV in a number of specials and animated shows, but their loudest comeback was the 1991 feature film directed by Barry Sonnenfeld. It was so successful that it was followed by a sequel, video game, and another television series. In 2010, the family received their own musical on Broadway.

The details of the new cartoon have not been disclosed, but the events will revolve around the characters already familiar to the audience. The project has not yet received a release date.

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